Edible Paste, or otherwise known as sugar flower paste or gum paste is a dough made of sugar icing mixed with gums. It can be moulded and stretched into different shapes and coloured as desired.

Cold Porcelain is a cornstarch based flower making paste, which when dry is slightly flexible and has the appearance of real procelain. Due to its flexibility in the finished product and because of its durability, cold porcelain is preferred by many flower making artists as well as by customers.

Carnation, also known as Dianthus, or Divine Flower was used by Elizabethan portrait painters as a background wash. It is available in a large variety of colours.

Gysophila, or Baby Breath, a delicate little white flower is mostly used as a filler to complement any flowers used in the arrangement.

Iris, or 'rainbow' in Greek due to its wide variety of colours, is widespread in Europe, Asia and North America. For more info at: wikipedia,

Rose, or Rosa by its Latin name, means 'red' and is a hugely popular cut flower used as a symbol of love. It can come in a vast variety of colours and shades, each colour bearing a different meaning. More info at

Poinsettia, or otherwise known as Winter Rose and Christmas Star originated in Mexico and was introduced in the US in 1825. For more info visit: wikipedia